Make Life Easier

If you know about an illness that may impact on your decision making skills, do yourself a favour and appoint an executry law firm to help with Power of Attorney.  Either a family member of very good friend could be your POA, they will help you make decisions that affect your daily life.  The person should be responsible and not use the situation to their advantage.

It can cost approx £300-400 to set up the Power of Attorney paperwork, the person will need to sign a legal document to enable them to look after your interests.  This is quite a responsibility for someone as they are looking after your welfare and taking ownership for your wellbeing.

Some family members of friends may not want this responsibility, they may be happy to help out, but that is where it stops.  There is no judgement, the important thing is that the person is being looked after.  Some people don’t want to move into a nursing home, so this would be a way around it.

Things that need considered:

  • Savings and allocation of same
  • Pets
  • Other people who live in the house
  • Visits to G.P.
  • Daily outings and visits
  • General wellbeing

Some older people can easily fall into a negative state of mind and are a risk to themselves i.e. alcohol.  They get to a point where possibly their spouse has departed and they feel they have nothing to live for.  This is tragic but they are in pain and just want the days to pass as quickly as possible.  A power of attorney could help with their state of mind to help and encourage them to go out and live their life in as enjoyable a way as possible.

Day activity centres are great as they can be a sociable place to gather and share hobbies, but some people are introverts and don’t want to socialise.  You need to respect what the person wants and try to make their lives comfortable.

Make Contact

We have a link above for a private practice we recommend that can take care of setting up your power of attorney for you.  Give them a call and arrange to go into see them.