If you don’t have a Will organised and filed with your lawyer, you run the risk of things being a mess when you die.  It sounds very morbid but it’s a necessary thing to have arranged so that your loved ones have an easier time of it when you are gone.  They have enough to sort through without worrying or second-guessing what you would have wanted.

A will should outline what you have in the bank, information about properties, what is owed and where the funds are coming from to pay any outstanding debts.  Some have endowment policies or life insurance that will pay out to cover things, but what if there is a shortfall.  Do family members have enough cash to settle on your behalf?  Most people don’t want to be in the position of asking others for help.  The average funeral is £6k in the U.K. that is a lot of money to pay cash and upfront.

Your will should outline what you want for your funeral, do you want a burial, cremation and your ashes scattered or do you want a plot of land so your ashes can be part of a tree.  Some cremation gardens are lovely, they are very peaceful places and it gives someone a place to go.

Detailing a Will

It should be relatively easy to decide who gets what, if there is property then you would need to decide who gets your share.  Regardless of how you want to do it, we recommend you call the company who we have linked on the home page of this blog.  They are very good, have been in private practice for many years and helpful in these matters.  You want someone who will help your loved ones after you have gone, there is a lot of paperwork to sort through when someone dies and you may find that people can lack tact.